Welcome to The Millennial Funk, an independent soul news and service website compiled by an old soul millennial (hence, the title) for every generation with the same taste for music.

The Millennial Funk is not allied to any particular Soul 'tribe' or faction!

This is not a classic Soul site, a northern Soul site, a modern Soul site, a rare Soul site, a retro Soul site, a nu-soul site or indeed a site devoted to any sub-shading of Soul music. The Millennial Funk is about Soul in all it's wonderful hues, and it's this diversity that makes this website so essential for anyone who really cares about the music, emotions and the passions that it can fire.

Whilst hip hop won't be covered, you can expect to see some coverage of the soulful ends of R&B, House and Jazz, where it offers a soulful groove.

As the maker of this specialty website, I do not have a record label; I am not in the business of making sales, nor promoting books and pushing gigs for my own end. I am in fact a Chemist and an aspiring Full-Stack web developer and with The Millenial Funk, I wish to share my life long passion and experience of Soul music... Hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do.


The Millennial Funk